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3 Things Every SDR MUST do in 2018

Stop. Stop what you are doing and read this... it just might save your life... and your paycheck. You're probably wondering why you don't get many e-mail responses, why no-one picks up your calls, or why you keep getting "lucky"... Continue Reading →

Effort Doesn’t Equal Success

Effort is defined as, “a serious attempt” or “something produced by exertion of trying”. Future NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker Ray Lewis says “effort is between you and you. Effort ain’t got nothing to do with nobody else.” So why... Continue Reading →

Dominating the Holiday Season

Many in sales fear overcoming the dreaded “Holiday Objection”.  I’ve found, through experience, that these objections can not only be overcome, but the holiday season can actually be used to create the perfect selling scenario for you and your client. ... Continue Reading →

Preventing Burnout in the SDR Role

You’re having a glorious month. Everyone that you’re connecting with on the phones is listening to what you have to say and committing to a meeting. You see your name at the top of your team’s alesforce dashboard everyday. Yet,... Continue Reading →

The Positive Option

Not long ago I was patiently waiting in line at a grocery store’s deli for an item, when I had the unpleasant experience of witnessing a very impatient and overly rude customer.  The customer was verbally berating the deli worker... Continue Reading →

3 Things to Look for in an SDR Before Hiring One

Before drilling down into specific points, it’s often helpful to consider the big picture. Will this individual be a successful sales professional not only in the short, but long-term as well? When it comes to the art of selling, the... Continue Reading →

9 SDR Lessons from an Uber Driver, a Rocking Chair, and a Fortune Cookie

At 4:23am in the morning, I hopped in an Uber to the airport, and it was the start of something pretty amazing that would take place during the next 36 hours. No, this amazing experience was neither a surprise free... Continue Reading →

Phone Vs. Email Vs. Social

Phone What happens when your email goes to spam, lost in the shuffle, or it’s just flat out ignored? What happens when your InMail is unnoticed? Well, we can’t cold call, cold calling is dead! After all, in 2007 it... Continue Reading →

Why the Phone Will Prevail in Sales Development for the Foreseeable Future

There has been a ton of new sales technology in the last 5 years that has made prospecting easier and given reps the ability to be more creative with their outreach. Platforms like LinkedIn, Salesloft and Vidyard have made it... Continue Reading →

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