Forged on the Doors

An old, withering woman with slightly bent bifocals answered the door. “Hi ma’am. My name is De..,” “Not interested,” she interrupted, closing the door almost immediately. I reopened a slightly damp umbrella and started walking to the house next door. This time, a middle-aged man, probably in his low-40s cautiously opened the door, staring intently.... Continue Reading →

The Power of Conversation

I have always been a talker. Being the youngest of four children, I learned at a very early age that vocalizing your thoughts can take you places you would have never thought possible. Sometimes this meant my big brothers’ closet because that’s where they put the little sister that talks too much, but other times... Continue Reading →

How Being an SDR Has Helped Me in My Career Thus Far

Growing into a role as an SDR was definitely a change for me. Being fresh out of college was an even bigger change; I should probably start by saying that I went to school for marketing. I know people who even went to school for teaching who now works in sales. However, sales is a crazy world... Continue Reading →

Why Expert Recruiting Matters in The Millennial Era

The world of recruiting can be demanding and tedious, but it is also changing on a global scale. With the war on talent continuously increasing as new generations of younger, more diverse individuals enter the workforce, recruiters need to become experts in their field to appeal to the Millennial era. While recruiters have multiple facets... Continue Reading →

Inbound vs. Outbound Cadence: Different Methods Yielding Similar Results

Throughout any sales career, it is practically predetermined that one will encounter several leads throughout a spectrum of quality. This spectrum includes leads ranging from a completely clueless prospect to a hot buyer who is ready to immediately send over a purchase order. The desired end result in all of these circumstances is the same,... Continue Reading →


First, without SDR Huddle and it's followers, our second site would not be possible. Meet, the future of sales development job openings. Being mutually beneficial to both SDRs and employers. -SDRs- this will serve as a network to SDRs who are always open to an upgrade; all SDRs registered will be notified of open... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Networking on Linkedin

Networking is a cliche topic that’s always being discussed, but how many people are truly setting this as an important topic in their life.  First I want to emphasize the importance of networking and that I obtained my undergrad internship as well as my current job through my network!  In relation to LinkedIn I have... Continue Reading →

Tips for a Strong SDR: SAL Relationship

Collaboration is one of GitLab’s values, and all team members and users are encouraged to embrace collaboration to drive the speed of innovation. When joining GitLab, SDRs are paired with a Strategic Account Leader (or AE) for the purpose of maximizing sales opportunities from prospective companies. An SDR sets meetings for the SAL, and the... Continue Reading →

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