SDR Huddle

SDR Tech-Stack Battle Royale

We have discussed and know the power of combining the phone, email and social touches for maximizing performance as an SDR many times. This post is to understand what else should be part of an SDRs tech-stack. Please vote for... Continue Reading →

Lessons & Losses: My First Year as a Sales Leader

Lesson 1: The Daily Journal A leader is ultimately responsible for of overcoming major & minor crises that impact the team and its objective. Depending on the size of your team, this can be a daily and arduous challenge. Often,... Continue Reading →

Friday is The Best Day to Call

*ring-ring*   Prospect: "Hi this is Jen." Me: "Hi Jen this is Rob from Payfactors, how is your Friday going?" Prospect: "It's going great Rob! How about yours? Me: "Glad to hear, can never complain on Friday! The reason I... Continue Reading →

Top SDR < Learning > Manager

SDR to Manager We all have mentors – the beauty of these people are the path they helped us pave in our professional careers. They kept us focused, motivated, and truly took an interest in catapulting us to places we... Continue Reading →

If the Slipper Fits: Book it.

A recent LinkedIn post asked if someone would consider tackling the topic,"How to manage objection handling for cold calls, without being too pushy” I wasted no time forcing my way on the post and making sure I was the guy... Continue Reading →

Everything on Social Selling SDRs Need to Know

Training, help, and tools I realize that the typical SDR team has targets, a manager, and training meetings regularly. There is an AE looking at you to find out when their next appointment created by you is scheduled for. Social... Continue Reading →

Self Development Rep

I went to college for Psychology because I wanted to figure myself out.  I could see my real self in there somewhere.  I could see the real world out there somewhere.  Behind everything, behind what we were told by our... Continue Reading →

3 Things Every SDR MUST do in 2018

Stop. Stop what you are doing and read this... it just might save your life... and your paycheck. You're probably wondering why you don't get many e-mail responses, why no-one picks up your calls, or why you keep getting "lucky"... Continue Reading →

Effort Doesn’t Equal Success

Effort is defined as, “a serious attempt” or “something produced by exertion of trying”. Future NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker Ray Lewis says “effort is between you and you. Effort ain’t got nothing to do with nobody else.” So why... Continue Reading →

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