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The Positive Option

Not long ago I was patiently waiting in line at a grocery store’s deli for an item, when I had the unpleasant experience of witnessing a very impatient and overly rude customer.  The customer was verbally berating the deli worker... Continue Reading →

3 Things to Look for in an SDR Before Hiring One

Before drilling down into specific points, it’s often helpful to consider the big picture. Will this individual be a successful sales professional not only in the short, but long-term as well? When it comes to the art of selling, the... Continue Reading →

9 SDR Lessons from an Uber Driver, a Rocking Chair, and a Fortune Cookie

At 4:23am in the morning, I hopped in an Uber to the airport, and it was the start of something pretty amazing that would take place during the next 36 hours. No, this amazing experience was neither a surprise free... Continue Reading →

Phone Vs. Email Vs. Social

Phone What happens when your email goes to spam, lost in the shuffle, or it’s just flat out ignored? What happens when your InMail is unnoticed? Well, we can’t cold call, cold calling is dead! After all, in 2007 it... Continue Reading →

Why the Phone Will Prevail in Sales Development for the Foreseeable Future

There has been a ton of new sales technology in the last 5 years that has made prospecting easier and given reps the ability to be more creative with their outreach. Platforms like LinkedIn, Salesloft and Vidyard have made it... Continue Reading →

Post Conference Follow-Up

“Hi, I saw you had a chance to stop by our booth and I was wondering if Blah Blah Blah…” Yes, unfortunately you are not the only SDR that is using this format with the hopes of getting a meeting... Continue Reading →

How Can I Help?

Sales development is tough. It’s the first step in the client acquisition phase of the sales process, and a very difficult task by anyone’s standards. It is an essential piece to every company--especially those that are trying to take their... Continue Reading →

The Difficult Road

With regards to the recent catastrophic events in Texas and as a former resident of South Louisiana I could not help reflect on the events which occurred in my life. Reflecting on the very challenging times in the aftermath of... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Consistent Sales Cadence

Our time is valuable. Every minute not prospecting and engaging potential clients is time lost. One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned as an SDR has been to structure my day efficiently by balancing best practices, data analytics, and... Continue Reading →

Six Key Steps to Discovery Call Success

I recently took part in an online Twitter chat regarding the topic of discovery calls. To perhaps start to distinguish how to run effective discovery calls, it would make sense to firstly define what the actual objective of doing discovery... Continue Reading →

Four Ways to Find and Work With Great Mentors

If you are looking to break into tech, launch a startup, or accelerate your sales career, it is essential that you find great mentors that can share direct and actionable feedback to help you grow throughout your career . Techstars... Continue Reading →

Have What it Takes?

As a manager of a SDR team and a former SDR myself, I am quite familiar with the question, “What do you want to do next?” It’s an inquiry often asked of SDRs but rarely asked of account executives, pre-sales... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Finding and Having a 1 on 1 Conversation with a Mentor

A rule of thumb for being successful is to find a mentor who is successful and learn from them. Success leaves crumb trails. But, it seems as if anyone can label themselves an expert in anything. (I just updated my... Continue Reading →

When you fail 90% of the time

The hardest thing about sales is never giving up. Always staying positive. So many people talk about having 'thick skin', 'grit', and being able to bounce back from failure, but few can actually follow through with it. In baseball, if... Continue Reading →

Reflection = Progression

SDR? AE? BDM? SVP? Hustler...? Safe to say, I hadn’t had much exposure to the world of Inside Sales prior to Refract. I’d worked in field and event sales before this role, but entering the world of SaaS was a... Continue Reading →

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