The Difference Between Managing Remote SDRs vs. In-person SDRs 

When I worked at Breadcrumb (Groupon), Soldsie (Chris Bennett), and Main Street Hub (GoDaddy) we tested remote SDRs and ISRs. Why do I say tested? Because it was never officially allowed, only sometimes accepted.  Interestingly enough I’ve personally managed ~500+ different sales reps over my career and most of them were working in-person with a... Continue Reading →

No More No-Shows

Ask any SDR (or SDR manager) what their top challenge in the job is and I am confident one item which will come at or close to the top of the list is how to deal with no shows and cancellations. To an extent, no shows and cancellations come with the territory. We are booking... Continue Reading →

Five Characteristics to Look for When Hiring SDRs

From a leadership perspective, understanding the top characteristics of high performing SDRs is a crucial element in building a winning team. Making the right hire should have a tremendously positive impact on your team’s overall pipeline, but keep in mind making the wrong hire can make an equally negative impact by wasting time and hurting... Continue Reading →

How to Make the Most Out of Your First 30 Days in the SDR role

We all understand the importance of training, whether you are starting a new job as a rep or a VP. In fact, companies are investing in all possible resources to make this experience productive for us. The duration of this program might change from a month to two, depending upon the organization we are part... Continue Reading →

SDRs Should Attend SKO

Are you an SDR? Were you left out of your company’s Sales Kickoff? If so, you absolutely should not have been. I mean, it’s a free mini-vacation, right? WRONG! Sales Kickoff is a goldmine of opportunity for SDRs. My opinion is that everything there is important for SDRs. You’ll network with all of sales -... Continue Reading →

The Perfect First Job Out of College

If you are anyone like me, as a recent graduate, it is an uphill battle trying to find that first job outside of college.  Despite doing everything right, going to a solid school, having a killer resume, and having some prior job experience, I kept hearing no after interviews.  Most of the time, I got... Continue Reading →

It Pays to Personalize

Personalization will make you stand out from the rest of the herd. From working as an Outbound Enterprise SDR for several startups within various verticals, for IBM, and as a Sales Coach at a tech sales boot camp called AlwaysHired, I can not tell you how often personalization is overlooked by so many, but done... Continue Reading →

Why SFDC is a Friend; Not a Foe

When I started as an SDR I was given a list of 12 pieces of software I would have to learn. 12! And while some are incredibly simple and accomplish a specific task well like Chili Piper, others are more complex and less welcoming. And it’s those more complex pieces of software that I want... Continue Reading →

Is Technology Distracting SDRs?

What’s the problem with technology? Sales development has changed a lot over the last decade, there are a number of reasons for this, but a key catalyst is technology. Nowadays it there is a piece of technology or tool to help with every aspect of an SDR role whether it be a contact database such... Continue Reading →

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