How Being an SDR Has Helped Me in My Career Thus Far

Growing into a role as an SDR was definitely a change for me. Being fresh out of college was an even bigger change; I should probably start by saying that I went to school for marketing. I know people who even went to school for teaching who now works in sales. However, sales is a crazy world and if you have what it takes, you can and will succeed.

I’m very happy I have been able to experience this world.

When I first started my journey at Alleyoop I was a Sales Development Representative for a startup technology company in San Francisco. Throughout the training and time here, I learned a lot of key takeaways to become successful in the job:

  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • How to overcome key objections
  • Discovery/Qualification
  • Believing in your brand
  • Keeping Organized
  • Perfecting your pitch

There are a bunch more I could list, but I won’t bore you. Throughout my time as an SDR, I worked vigorously on the phone, sometimes even making 200 calls a day when I started. As I learned more and more and watched people around me I realized I needed to change it up. First, I played around with my pitch; having a good pitch is crucial to grab your prospect’s attention.

I tried one, it didn’t work, I tried another, nope, no good. I did this until I truly believed I perfected it and started to talk to more people on the phone. Once I grabbed the prospect’s attention it was all about keeping them on the phone. One thing I always did and still do is ask questions to keep them engaged, this is a great way to collect information on the company to see if they’re a good fit for your product (discovery/qualification!!). After that, you can go through the process of elimination OR setting the meeting!

Having confidence in yourself and your brand is imperative to your success as well. If you don’t believe in the brand you’re trying to sell, then why should they?

Go into the call with a positive attitude and a positive mindset “They are going to take this meeting because my product freaking rocks”. Be ready for the rebuttals and objections and before the call just ask yourself;  “Why are we better than our competitors?”, “How can I assure this person they will not be wasting their time with our product?” etc, etc. Sound confident when coming across to your prospect and have the knowledge to let them know that this could potentially change their lives and the way they do business.

– Morgan Hurley-

Morgan Hurley is an Inside Sales Rep with Cleveland Golf. Not only does she love to golf, she loves to spend quality time with family and friends. It doesn’t take much to please her. Whether making a meal together or going out for fun-she is happy. She also likes to try new restaurants and food. Dream Job= Food Critic on Food Network.

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