SDRs Are Weird, But In The Best Way!

The more time that I spend in SDR land, the more I realize that SDRs are truly a unique group of people. In many organizations, SDRs are considered the fuel that runs the machine. It’s actually an interesting concept to think a bit deeper about that phrase because fuel is nothing like the machine. That is why everything from SDR interviews, work environments, and personalities are so fundamentally different than those from the rest of the organization.


Let me give you an example: right now, the organization I am at, Outreach, is as such an explosive place with growth that we are running out of space which has resulted in engineers and the SDR team temporarily being housed in the same office. Engineers love quiet as they are working on a complex problem set that takes an extreme level of focus to dissect and solve. SDRs, on the other hand, are the loudest, biggest party in the room. Noise, energy, and a little bit of chaos actually help drive SDRs to keep pounding away at a job that faces constant rejection. This may be a drastic example of differences, but it holds true even as we think about the difference between fast paced SDR world and the gentle white glove approach of those working in marketing, or the deep relationships built in account management roles. Naturally, those positions attract personalities that crave a thoughtful message or deep relationships. While SDRs may have some of those desires, they are fundamentally different and there is one concept that rises above all else.

Objections Are Actually Opportunities?

SDRs, the fuel of the organization, are themselves fueled by objections and challenges as opposed to set back by them. The DNA of a true SDR is one that hears an objection and it instantaneously fuels them and up levels their confidence. Weird, right? But it is true! SDRs gain confidence with each no. Objections for SDRS do not feel like rejection, which is what many other roles would consider an objection. An objection, for an SDR, is considered an opportunity for them to overcome the given challenge. Objection? Great! Challenge accepted- it’s game time! In every in-interview rejection, cold call objection, or life challenge that individuals who have that strange SDR DNA face, they always respond with deeper confidence and a crazed look of opportunity flashes in their eyes.

Here’s to you, SDRs! 

You are a strange, strange group of individuals. Your heart and tenacity is something that cannot be taught but is deeply ingrained into the fabric of who you are and it is often inspiring to the machine that you fuel just to watch you work. SDR teams that I have been involved with have seen people from various parts of the organization come visit to sit alongside you just to experience the level of energy you bring to the job every day and to be inspired by the bull-headed enthusiasm you take on the world with. Your passion and courage is refreshing. Whether you decide to further your careers in SDR Land or to move to other parts of the organization, don’t allow what makes you- you change. There is a reason why other areas of the organization want you, it is because your unique DNA is often missing outside of SDR land. Own it!

Jordan Greaser is a Sales Development Manager at Outreach, and is a passionate sales professional that likes being in the trenches with his team. He’s lived on multiple continents and has a diverse range of experiences in teaching, building humanitarian aid programs, and accelerating sales.



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