Our Prospects are not Robots, they’re Humans

Do you often find yourself spending what feels like too much time developing just the “right email” or the “right cold call script”? Many times, SDRs/BDRs who are on outbound teams spend much of their time perfecting the right script, believing the “one size fits all” approach will work with every prospect. After being in... Continue Reading →

Find One: How to Eliminate Quota Mind

After being in sales and in the sales development capacity for over five years, I’ve found only one universal truth. And no, it’s not cold facetiming.  It’s that I have yet to see anyone set hundreds or thousands of meetings, without setting one first. Whether your quota is 30 meetings a month or 5, my... Continue Reading →


Rush Rush!! The life of an SDR is one that is exciting, nerve racking, and an abundance of feeling like you're in a rush to hit your numbers.Let's all be honest, as an SDR we need that cold energy drink or 3rd cup of coffee to thrust us into hammering the dials for the day.... Continue Reading →

From Schedule to Opp: How Not to Flop

No shows are daunting - few things make me more anxious than waking up to a notification that reads “John Wilson has declined the meeting” or a message from an AE letting me know the prospect didn’t show up & is unresponsive. No-shows and rebooking are going to happen regardless, despite your best efforts to... Continue Reading →

The Value of Integrating Personalized Video into the Sales Process 

As a sales development representative, you’re continually exploring ways to generate and engage new leads. While every industry is different, the reality is that there are core commonalities that span the sales landscape. When you’re looking to connect and convert, there’s a human element at play. One key way to leverage this thread is by... Continue Reading →

The “Right” SDR Mindset

Perfecting the SDR mindset is something that many struggle with throughout their entire careers. But, once perfected it leads to being a rockstar as an SDR and moving the trajectory of your career forward. It’s crucial that you don’t compare yourself to others, get organized, create an efficient process, find mentors & grind with a... Continue Reading →

How to Land a Sales Job in Tech

How to get a job in tech  Making the transition into tech sales from another industry can feel like a fairly daunting task. The good news is with the right focus and effort; you can systematize the work involved and streamline the process to be a good learning tool for later on.  Firstly, let me... Continue Reading →

The Power of Listening – The 80/20 Rule

Landing a cold call is harder than it seems. From a voluntary source of raw data, I asked reps across the SaaS/tech sales industry how many cold calls are picked up on an average day of calling. The sample size came back with the following results: Between 3-7 dials out of 100 are answered to... Continue Reading →

One Demo At a Time: How I Overcame The Stress of Hitting my Quota

Let's face it, day-to-day life as an SDR comes with waves of uninvited stress. Nonetheless, it’s an inevitable part of the role that we’re all bound to experience whether we’ve met peace with it or not. I’ve seen previous colleagues take a sharp turn in their career paths after a few months in sales, and... Continue Reading →

SDR Team Leads: Game-Changers

In recent years, Business Development has become the lifeblood of every fast-growing startup.. A role that is often overlooked as organizations grow and establish leadership structure is the SDR Team Lead. This role can be a game-changer; the ideal SDR Team Lead is a top-performing individual contributor who has the awareness and desire to share... Continue Reading →

Three Tips for More Effective Prospecting

For absolutely everyone, perfection in prospecting is a moving target. There is always something new to learn, or some skill to improve on or something to stop doing immediately! While there are always going to be areas for marginal gains, there are three things I’ve identified that tend to move the needle for those who... Continue Reading →

My Career Transition: How Business Development Prepared Me for a Career in Sales

It has now been a year and a half since I transitioned from being a high school English teacher to a Business Development Representative (B.D.R.). At the time of this transition, I had absolutely no idea what the next career path would be for me. At an early age, my brother always told me that... Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Managing Remote SDRs vs. In-person SDRs 

When I worked at Breadcrumb (Groupon), Soldsie (Chris Bennett), and Main Street Hub (GoDaddy) we tested remote SDRs and ISRs. Why do I say tested? Because it was never officially allowed, only sometimes accepted.  Interestingly enough I’ve personally managed ~500+ different sales reps over my career and most of them were working in-person with a... Continue Reading →

No More No-Shows

Ask any SDR (or SDR manager) what their top challenge in the job is and I am confident one item which will come at or close to the top of the list is how to deal with no shows and cancellations. To an extent, no shows and cancellations come with the territory. We are booking... Continue Reading →

Five Characteristics to Look for When Hiring SDRs

From a leadership perspective, understanding the top characteristics of high performing SDRs is a crucial element in building a winning team. Making the right hire should have a tremendously positive impact on your team’s overall pipeline, but keep in mind making the wrong hire can make an equally negative impact by wasting time and hurting... Continue Reading →

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