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First, without SDR Huddle and it's followers, our second site would not be possible. Meet, the future of sales development job openings. Being mutually beneficial to both SDRs and employers. -SDRs- this will serve as a network to SDRs... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Networking on Linkedin

Networking is a cliche topic that’s always being discussed, but how many people are truly setting this as an important topic in their life.  First I want to emphasize the importance of networking and that I obtained my undergrad internship... Continue Reading →

Tips for a Strong SDR: SAL Relationship

Collaboration is one of GitLab’s values, and all team members and users are encouraged to embrace collaboration to drive the speed of innovation. When joining GitLab, SDRs are paired with a Strategic Account Leader (or AE) for the purpose of... Continue Reading →

The P-4 Philosophy

As I have stated in a recent post about the importance of choosing a positive response when encountering an adverse situation that often occurs in many people’s lives. I have recently experienced a favorable turn of events not just in... Continue Reading →

My Most Memorable Cold-Call

Whether they are an accurate depiction or not – movies like “Boiler Room” and “The Wolf of Wallstreet” always have one scene that showcases the pure adrenaline of being in sales. Those scenes take place on the phone, where the... Continue Reading →

Accepting Limitations, not Defeat

Since I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in both of my knees last year, I have had to accept significant limitations I never even thought of having at a younger age.   Despite healthier changes in my lifestyle and minor... Continue Reading →

How to Know Who to Prospect

“No wind blows in favor of a ship without direction” — Seneca I walked into the office for the interview for my first sales job. I was 23. We were 10 minutes in when the office manager asked me. “So... Continue Reading →

It’s a Jungle in Here

I recently had the opportunity to work alongside my company's San Mateo-based SDR team, when they came over to visit us at our R&D headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel (aka Silicon Wadi - akin to California's Silicon Valley) Apart from our AE's,... Continue Reading →

SDR Tech-Stack Battle Royale

We have discussed and know the power of combining the phone, email and social touches for maximizing performance as an SDR many times. This post is to understand what else should be part of an SDRs tech-stack. Please vote for... Continue Reading →

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