The Value of Integrating Personalized Video into the Sales Process 

As a sales development representative, you’re continually exploring ways to generate and engage new leads. While every industry is different, the reality is that there are core commonalities that span the sales landscape. When you’re looking to connect and convert, there’s a human element at play. One key way to leverage this thread is by integrating personalized video in your sales process. 

There are a number of benefits to SDRs integrating personalized video when you’re nurturing leads through the sales journey. In this post, we’re going to focus in on three specific perks. 

Build Rapport and Trustworthiness 

People buy from those they like. They like those who can be trusted. It may sound simple, but it’s also scientific. In fact, establishing a rapport built on trustworthiness not only helps you close a new lead, per The Dale Carnegie Foundation, it’s also far more likely to yield repeat business and loyal partnerships. 

Additionally, Forbes points out that “in a low-trust sales relationship, buyers work against their own interests by withholding the very information sellers need to be helpful: key players, criteria, budget, decision-making processes.” Recording a quick video not only shows care, it also makes you “real” to your lead. You’re a person, not just a voice on the other end of the phone or words in an email. 

Diversify Your Communication 

You may be thinking to yourself, “Sure, I’m happy to establish trust when building rapport with a new lead—but, right now I can’t get anyone to answer the phone or respond to an email.” Another key benefit of integrating personalized video into your sales process is that it allows you to stand out in a crowded inbox. 

Plus, once you’ve grabbed the lead’s attention with such a brazenly different approach, you’re also far more likely to keep their attention—accelerating the sales cycle. In fact, adding videos to your email can increase click rates by 300%, according to HubSpot. Not only does that mean you’re getting your message in front of leads quicker, it also means you’re reducing lag and potentially accelerating the time for your team to close. 

Reinforce Authenticity in your Process 

So, you’ve discovered how integrating personalized video into your sales process can cut through the noise. You’re also now aware of how you can utilize video to establish quicker rapport built on trust. Perhaps one of the most powerful reasons to incorporate personalized videos in your sales process, though, is highlighting your uniqueness. That’s right,

authenticity—demonstrating what makes you distinct from the other seven billion people on this Earth—is an untapped superpower in your sales arsenal. 

Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust and Smart Trust, tells Forbes that one of the essential behaviors of successful salespeople “is to create transparency. Creating transparency means I’m trying to be as open, as authentic, as real as possible.” Video platforms, such as Covideo, allow you to immediately create and share personal, direct videos to your leads. With no need for high-polish or marketing teams, these videos are authentic, deliberate, and impactful—strengthening your connection. 


Effective sales development representatives understand there’s a human element underpinning any relationship. Integrating personalized video into your sales process can help you stand out, build trust, and establish a transparent, authentic relationship. Ultimately, however, these behavioral characteristics need to exist throughout your buyer’s journey. The icing on the cake? If you effectively incorporate these strategies, not only will you generate and engage more leads, but you’ll also help your team secure repeat business and partnerships that will outlast turbulent seasons. 

Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones is currently the Outbound Manager at Covideo where he acts as SDR Manager, sales coach & trainer. As a former college athlete, SDR & AE, Glenn has a passion for coaching & the impact it creates. Outside of work, Glenn loves to golf, be out on a boat, & hangout with his two dogs & fiancée. The best way to reach him is by email at

If you’re interested in learning more about Covideo, or how to integrate our video platform into your sales cycle to skyrocket engagement, check us out today.

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