Rush Rush!! The life of an SDR is one that is exciting, nerve racking, and an abundance of feeling like you’re in a rush to hit your numbers.

Let’s all be honest, as an SDR we need that cold energy drink or 3rd cup of coffee to thrust us into hammering the dials for the day. When we finally get that first meeting on the books it’s like hitting a homerun in your first at bat of the game, but the game isn’t over, we need to put our head down and get ready for the next at bat. Not everyone is built for the SDR role, and if you are an SDR, then you understand the hills and valleys of the position, and how it great it feels when you get that “Yes” from the prospect and you see that number change on the board.

One thing that helped me become a better SDR was keeping my mind on the “importance” of every call. Yes it’s a numbers game but if the next person you talk to feels like just a number, than it can hurt the way we talk to the prospect. We need to position our mindset into conveying a message to, what I’m about to tell you is important information that you need to hear today. That doesn’t mean that we have to be overly serious or bland, what it means is that I’m taking time out of my day to call you Mr./Mrs. prospect because the treasure I have can seriously take your company to the next level, and that’s important!

When I changed my mode of thinking I believe it changed my tonality, flow, and it allowed me to position myself in front of people; that I’m here to help your organization, and not just get time on your calendar.

Keep that in mind for your next conversation today.

You need to truly believe in the product you are presenting to every customer.

You do have an important treasure that can be a game changer and take away stress they deal with on a day to day basis.

It’s important and it has great significance or value you need to hear about. With that being said, how’s next Tuesday looking for you?

-Caleb Cowin-

Hello my name is Caleb! I’ve been in the tech world since college. It’s been fun learning about new businesses and helping them grow with different solutions. I am currently an Account Executive at Zoominfo. In my free time I enjoy making music and watching baseball!

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