From Greenish to Leanish

So, here it goes.

I’d like to share in my experience to date in the SDR role.

I don’t think I’m “green”.  Not really sure if I was what you might call “green” when I walked in the doors. New to this role absolutely, but to come to find out tactically; it’s made for me.

For me, recognizing that there is much to learn, and with the eagerness to consume all the wisdom this industry has to offer, I can tell you this:

Where to Begin

Imagine if you woke up from a deep sleep and suddenly you’re flying a plane towards what appears to be a giant wall; you have absolutely no idea how you arrived to this situation.

Far-fetched I know, but just imagine.  


That is the exact feeling that consumed me when placed in front of a computer with a headset for the first time.

My heart rapidly pumping, knees weak and legs almost shaking.

I listened and to my amazement these people were having some great discussions all around me. I dived in, to no surprise it was still a bit scary, but not nearly as bad as I thought. By dived in, I don’t mean investigating the right fits and spending way too much time researching. I put on my headset, pumped up the volume and let it rip; trusting the data provided.

No time to think, no time to process, just nervous energy and remembering the last two weeks of training; a Playbook and a voice.

This was key for me.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”

                                                              – Albert Einstein-
I learned to be on my toes at all times and ready to pivot the message at any time. I was paying close attention to the prospect and their tone, tempo and overall mood. It was key for me to lighten the mood right of the bat with something witty, and something the prospect could relate to. If landed successfully, the conversation has more substance and a further level of trust, rather than just spatting the same ole sales script. It also gave me a good feeling on a true call back, or someone just being nice.

I try to keep in mind, that my job is presenting a solution. – A Solution Cold Call!

A solution to their specific pain.

By being a human from the start of the call, the prospect is more open to exchange in dialogue and reveal that pain with me; finding the true pain will provide a true solution. No harassing, no hassling; just helping.

Want to know my best friend?

Mr. “The Phone” Reliable

I’m sure some of you, whom are no doubt super talented; are social silently disagreeing with me.  Come on, you know the folks I’m referring too, we are all kinda jealous of them.  The SDRs that barely are on the phones but continue to set dozens of meetings.

Its been my experience that in life, one must utilize their strengths as much as possible. I always bet on my strengths; the phone, but also am mindful of personal growth.  The SDR job embraces that sentiment. I definitely don’t do the whole SDR thing anywhere near perfect. (I’m focusing on progress).

It’s important to remember to utilize all tools given to you though, my strength is the phone, but I did ensured I learned the best ways to utilize and DiscoverOrg.  They all contribute to the pie chart on the number of meetings to hit quota.

Don’t be nervous, trust your strengths, and learn like a SOB.

-Brian Zimmer-

Brian Zimmer is currently an SDR for the IST team at DiscoverOrg.  He has been a consistent top SDR at and goes to his weapon of choice, the phone any time he can.  In his free time he enjoys spending time with daughter.



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