The Difficult Road

With regards to the recent catastrophic events in Texas and as a former resident of South Louisiana I could not help reflect on the events which occurred in my life. Reflecting on the very challenging times in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and how overcoming many obstacles prepared me for overcoming obstacles in business, as well as in my personal life.

As with many of the people who resided in the areas hardest hit by the storm my life was changed forever.  I did not suffer the complete loss that many unfortunate individuals and families had during that time, but my life as I knew it was changed completely and to some extent for the better; but in other ways for the worst.      

During that time of uncertainty I was offered an opportunity to relocate and live with some relatives in New York State and embark on a journey to rebuild my life and the chance to start over in a totally new environment.  

I accepted the kind offer and loaded everything I owned in a U-Haul, and drove over 1700 miles to begin a new chapter in my life.  I ventured to a new location alone and was separated from my place of comfort.  It was a total act of faith in which I had no guarantees, or even any idea where the relocation would take me.  Yet, I knew that I had to make the change and start over elsewhere.

The new beginning was not without its perils, rough starts and uncertainties, but despite all the challenges I faced, I still worked through all of them.  I did it with determination and perseverance that I learned in later years; actually, became a standard principle of applying to many circumstances in business and my professional life.   

In overcoming the many obstacles I encountered in my personal life, I developed a strong perseverance. I use it to get through difficult times, and to overcome all of the challenges I face every day in my current and past positions.

After several years of going through different positions and different companies (and now finally obtaining a job that I can really succeed and move forward with), the one thing I learned is this: No matter what your situation is, no matter how bad or hopeless your current state is; do not give up.  Life is always going to be full of challenges and obstacles, it always will be. The true test of one’s resolve is to stay the course you have chosen, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

-Dan Vathy-

Dan Vathy is a deep South transplant, currently residing in Buffalo New York, he enjoys the outdoors and the four seasons throughout the year.  Currently employed as a Sales Development Representative with an active interest in becoming a Novelist.  My hobbies include, creative writing, drawing and have a passion for music.



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