Friday is The Best Day to Call

Prospect: “Hi this is Jen.”

Me: “Hi Jen this is Rob from Payfactors, how is your Friday going?”

Prospect: “It’s going great Rob! How about yours?

Me: “Glad to hear, can never complain on Friday! The reason I am calling Jen is…”

Happy Friday everyone. Best day of the week in terms of the weekend coming around and a little well deserved downtime after a hard weeks work. Also though… for us BDR’s, it is the best day to call. My buddy from my last job at ZeroTurnaround, Ben Fishman, would always tell me “Rob, Friday is always the best day to call.” If it was a great week already, you probably are already in a good mood, but after a tough week of rejection, he’s not wrong. If you’re in a good mood for some downtime after another “long week” your prospect is definitely ready for some downtime as well. Meaning, they are a little more loosened up, probably more willing to answer the phone today, probably more willing to give you a YES. Enter that phone call with your priorities straight and up those numbers. Then it’s Miller time.

There is always hope on Friday. Look at it literally as your weekly “holiday” or a day of celebration because it definitely is the best day of the week. I was 6 months in at ZeroTurnaround last April and I was in a slump. I had made 600+ calls one week and had a whopping total of 0 demos to show for it. I thought I was garbage. I Thought I was not good at the job anymore. I thought it was time to pack it in and maybe consider another career pursuit. It was not. That Friday came around and my buddy Ben reminded me that Friday is indeed the best day to call. He noted how the sales floor is in a good mood and probably a team of prospects I was targeting on was in a very good mood as well. I took that to heart and hit the phones in a confident and relaxed mood. I set 3 demos before hitting 50 dials that day. I was on fire. Left the office that day walking out like I was 8 feet tall, worth a million dollars, and ready to tell Kanye West to go to hell to his face (wish I could actually do that).

Friday is probably your favorite day of the week just as it is mine. You’re eased up on your way to work; capture that good vibe. Be relaxed and be talkative with your colleagues. But just because the weekend is about, does not mean that you should not be ready to kill it on this Friday. Harness that positive energy and conquer the world with it. Remember, Friday is the best day to call as a BDR. Then afterward, it is Miller time. Happy Friday everyone!

-Robinson Law-

My name is Robinson Law. I graduated from The University of Tampa in 2015. I have been a BDR for a little over a year now and am determined to master the art of sales. My favorite professionals are Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, John Barrows, Jeb Blount and am currently learning about Hal Elford. I am a firm believer in investing in yourself for self-development in order to achieve what you want for your future. I’m an overall optimist who is a new fan of the SDR Huddle!

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