SDR Tech-Stack Battle Royale

We have discussed and know the power of combining the phone, email and social touches for maximizing performance as an SDR many times. This post is to understand what else should be part of an SDRs tech-stack.

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DiscoverOrg – Jake Roth, SDR at DiscoverOrg

Discoverorg is the sales intelligence platform of an SDR’s dream; we give you direct dial phone numbers and verified email addresses of the decision makers you’re targeting, outline each account’s entire tech stack, and map out reporting structures within departments. This combined with the fact that we verify and update this information every 90 days, ensures you’re not calling prospects that don’t exist, and your emails aren’t bouncing at an alarming rate. In a world where half our day is spent researching accounts via LinkedIn and Google, calling main lines and trying to guess an account’s newest email format, Discoverorg does all of this for you, maximizing what any SDR is capable of doing in a given work day. LinkedIn connectors, Google Chrome extensions, and a plethora of other features aside, Discoverorg, at its roots, helps you do phone, email, and social selling both more effectively, and efficiently.

Refract – Jacob Goodwin, SDR at Refract

For SDRs looking to get ahead, there are a multitude of tools out there measuring KPIs and other metrics to help send more emails or make more calls, but what if we look beyond the quantitative to the qualitative?  That’s where the critical insight lies, in what makes a sales conversation, a winning sales conversation.

As SDRs, we often only have one chance to grab our prospect’s attention and in a such a competitive environment we must ensure our ability to deliver the right value prop, overcome objections and secure next steps.

In all walks of life, the people at the top of their game constantly review their performance, look to learn from others and improve every aspect of their game so why don’t we do the same as sales professionals?

This is Refract, giving SDRs insight into the formula of winning sales conversations and a direct route to enabling their managers to coach them to sales call excellence.

Everstring – Cody Larkin, SDR at Everstring

Your outreach is solid I’m sure. You’re a master on the phone, a craftsman of words through your email, and an acute social listener. You know what to say, and how to say it.  Now the question becomes “Who” do you say it to, and “When” do you say it?

That’s why EverString is a must have for SDR teams. Through the use of Machine Learn, EverString points you in the direction of your next best customer when they are actively searching for a solution you provide. If you’re good (you are good), what else do you need?

Vidyard – Jake Tyno, SDR at Vidyard 

Vidyard is crucial to any SDRs tech stack because it brings the human element back to the forefront of sales by leveraging personal video. Personal videos allow reps to stand out in those crowded inboxes of prospects and leave a memorable impression. People are buying from people and Vidyard is the platform that shows prospects you are a human, not some robot! 85% of communication is conveyed through nonverbal elements (facial expressions, body language, posture). To communicate in the most effective way these nonverbal elements need to be featured and Vidyard is the platform that allows teams to seamlessly integrate video into their sales approach.

Outreach- Kris Laird, SDR at Outreach

SDR’s are constantly challenged to do more with less while remaining hyper-personal and highly successful. That is why Outreach is, hands-down, the most important tool in an SDRs stack. Whether you sell cigarette lighters to gas stations or software to Fortune 100 companies, top performing SDRs require a solution that empowers them to do what they do best – book more meetings! Outreach does that by automating the mundane, repetitive parts of their day, giving them back 2 extra hours to hit the phones each day. By serving up account research, automating follow-up activities, and scaling best practices across teams, Outreach enables SDRs to work twice as many leads with more touchpoints and higher quality messaging. Combined with analytics that offer visibility into what is working and the flexibility to integrate with other top-level sales tools in your stack, SDRs will be on the fast track to achieving more consistent and predictable quota attainment with Outreach at their fingertips.

Detective – Louis Gideon, Director of Sales Development at Detective

The SDRs reading this right now know more than anybody that canned emails and generic calls don’t work anymore because every exec’s inbox and voicemail are flooded with sales “solicitations.” On the other hand, it takes forever to research every prospect and craft relevant, personalized messaging that will actually stand out. Before you pick up the phone or send an email, Detective digs up everything you need to capture a prospect’s attention and land a meeting. With one click in Salesforce, you now have personal research so you can instantly make a connection as well the prospect’s specific business challenges so you can attach to those initiatives. By using Detective, teams at CareerBuilder, Forrester, and Docusign are making every cold interaction impactful and landing an average of 20% more meetings as a result.

Sendbloom – Darrean Janes, SDR at Sendbloom

Sendbloom is revolutionizing the way salespeople engage prospects. We’re accelerating sales by automating top of the funnel communication and allowing reps to complete more tasks quicker. We keep reps completely within their CRMs to auto-log each touch and hyper-personalize each email to a prospect with a click of a button. We make sharing best practices and communication tactics that work easily amongst a team. Sendbloom helps make every rep a top sales rep with a 90+% adoption rate and providing 1-to-1 communication at scale.

Conversica – Alex Blau, SDR at Conversica

Converisca is the most cost-efficient and effective way to properly handle your lead sales process. Conversica does this by using a true AI platform that is able to have a 2-way conversation with potential customers and does not act like a chatbot or autoresponder. Conversica’s AI is essentially like having an SDR that is able to talk 24/7 365 and will respond to an inbound lead within 10 minutes. Most importantly, it allows your SDR team to focus on what they do best, which is SELLING!

Salesloft – Christopher Nikos-Olive, Manager, Enterprise Sales Development at Salesloft

Sales is a shared human experience, but it often doesn’t feel that way. With so much focus on automation, email, and call volume it can seem like you’re trying to turn reps into robots. Even worse, buyers hate it. They’re bombarded with too many calls, too many emails, and it all starts to look the same. What they really want is for someone to cut through the clutter and help them focus on what’s important. That’s the idea that SalesLoft is built around. SalesLoft uses cutting-edge science to provide the scale you need to hit your targets while providing you with deep insights into each customer at the point of communication. The result is relevance. By combining science and sincerity, SalesLoft allows your reps to spend less time managing their process and more time focused on your customers.

Lead Forensics – Jeremiah Nyarko, Team Lead of Business Development, Lead Forensics

The fact is building the pipeline is a tough and tedious task, unless you are reaching out to businesses that are familiar with your brand – that is where Lead Forensics steps in. Lead Forensics will drastically boost your conversion rates so that you spend more time with qualified leads. We identify the businesses visiting your website, whether they fill out a contact form or not (and in case you were curious, less than 5% of website visitors presented with a form will fill it out). These are businesses you have marketed to, have a need for what you offer, and are motivated enough to visit a website and research you. Lead Forensics will allow you to distinguish yourself from the masses by reaching out to the right prospects at the right time with a relevant and tailored message. Not to mention, your SDR’s can also track which of their prospects are coming to check out their company AFTER they have begun their sales cadence. When you are eating lunch, enjoying your weekend, or sleeping your website is still at work attracting those prospects that you have called or emailed, but never reached. With Lead Forensics, you’ll know exactly when your most qualified prospects are back in the market and book in a demonstration before your competitors know what happened.

Chili Piper – Michael Tuso, Head of Sales Development and Enablement at Chili Piper

Chili Piper is an absolute game changer and a no-brainer for SDRs. From 1 click email campaigns for prospects to automating the meeting distribution to sending calendar invites to multiple parties in 2 clicks, Chili Piper is reinventing the way SDRs get to their quotas. The ROI is real too. The average SDR spends 7 minutes booking just 1 meeting. With Chili Piper in place that takes it down to just 1 minute per meeting. At many companies, the ROI on management and sales ops salaries alone pay for the tool. This enables those roles to focus on bettering the SDR department as a whole, rather than focusing on administrative functions. And that’s just intelligent handoff tool for sales. The intelligent form booker sends qualified inbound leads to the SDRs by having the prospect book a meeting right when their interest is most piqued—when they’re filling out a web form. Overall, any sales team looking to move the needle in a meaningful and scalable way should implement Chili Piper.

Guru- Dalton Gilgor, SDR Manager at Guru

There are a million things SDR’s need to know to do their job effectively. It has been proven that 1/3 of their time is spent searching for that information. The growing sophistication of both buyers and products places the onus on SDRs to respond with a fluid, consultative sales approach, which means SDR’s have to have answers quickly, accurately, and with the right message. My company, Guru allows new hired reps to ramp quickly while allowing seasoned ones to stay on top of the latest changes in their industry & product. Guru allows SDR’s to access, share, and capture all of the sales knowledge they need, everywhere they work like Slack, Salesforce, & Email. Guru is enabling them to sell more effectively and scaling your sales knowledge as your organization grows.

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  1. Conversica is a necessity not a need. After working for an an amazing company that leverages an innovative revolutionized AI platform, I wouldn’t want to work anywhere that didn’t utilize this tool in their sales and marketing process. Everyone knows time is money, Conversica saves you time which in return makes you more $$$.

    They have my vote!

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