The P-4 Philosophy

As I have stated in a recent post about the importance of choosing a positive response when encountering an adverse situation that often occurs in many people’s lives.

I have recently experienced a favorable turn of events not just in my position as a Sales Development Rep but in many facets of my personal life utilizing what I refer to as The P-4 Philosophy which involves:

Having a Positive mental attitude each and every day, being Patient in pursuing your daily and career goals, having the Perseverance to accomplish your personal objectives and having the proper Perspective needed to accept everything that does happen in your life whether it is positive or negative.

Most successful people will verify that maintaining a positive mental attitude throughout your life is very important and essential to your overall well-being, especially for individuals like me who face difficult physical challenges every day.

Equally essential and significant is having the patience not only to deal with the unexpected and negative incidents that do occur but also understanding that the positive results that occur from many long hard days of hard work can take time.  For me, it was hitting 100 percent of my monthly goal for the first time in four months.

Perseverance is fairly self- explanatory and can be hard to practice on a regular basis but if what you are striving for is important you cannot give up even after weeks of painstaking effort to achieve your goals has been ineffective. Recently I was finally able to connect with a lucrative prospect who had been avoiding me for several weeks.

Perspective, in my opinion, is a somewhat lesser known mental view of life that a lot of people are unaware of when it comes to negative or significantly difficult events occurring in their lives.  From a minor inconvenience of having your car leave you stranded in an empty parking lot the very day after having a root canal can be incredibly frustrating but when you put that event into perspective, it’s not the end of the world.

Even a tragic event that occurs in one’s life that changes them forever at first can appear to be the end of everything for them. Yet once that event passes most people realize that life does go on, and the world does keep revolving.   

Once again it comes down to a matter of Perspective, the next time something bad happens to you take a moment to put it into perspective and ask, this is bad but is it the end of everything?

The P-4 Philosophy is not something I can guarantee will bring you happiness, success or peace of mind.  From a personal experience, it has gotten me through some very dark days in recent years.  It has also what kept me focused on not just achieving my short and long term goals but also is what helps me to avoid dwelling on all the negative in the world.

-Daniel Vathy-

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