Preventing Burnout in the SDR Role

You’re having a glorious month. Everyone that you’re connecting with on the phones is listening to what you have to say and committing to a meeting. You see your name at the top of your team’s alesforce dashboard everyday. Yet, why can’t you shake the growing cold sweats as each day inches closer to the end of the month and inevitably the 1st day of the month peeks its head around the corner?

Chances are you’re experiencing sales burnout. Selling is a demanding sport and can take even the best sales reps down. That’s why it’s imperative for you to recognize the warning signs and take proactive measures to prevent sales burnout in its track. Here are some tips I recommend to any SDR.


Sales is exciting! It’s easy to get caught up with the highs and lows but what you’re experiencing is a huge volatility of emotions each day and week. While it’s important to celebrate the wins, it’s just as important to dismiss each rejection and not dwell on the negativity. Keep a steady temperament and it’ll be infinitely better for your mental sanity in the long run.


You have your set routine and cadence that you follow religiously each day. Replication can lead to success but it can also make your workdays awfully monotonous. It’s up to you to view your job through different lenses. That new talk track you’ve been meaning to apply? Use it. That idea you had to help the team get a better open rate on emails? Share it. Think Twitter would be a better place to get your decision maker’s attention? Try it.


Honestly it’s okay to realize that sometimes we just need a break. Whether it’s an afternoon walk after a particularly long call block or taking a much deserved “mental health” day after a rough month, you need that time to refocus on yourself. When you physically have more energy, you will have better mental clarity and motivation to perform in your job each day.

As a manager of an ambitious group of SDRs, I try to recognize any signs of sales fatigue and encourage an open dialogue with my team. Don’t keep this to yourself! Talk to your peers and your manager if you’re still feeling the strains of burn out. We all love to win, but not at the cost of our mental state. Sales is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. If you want to stay in it for the long  haul, take care of yourself.

-Melissa Lui-

Melissa is a Sales Development Manager at ChowNow. She’s been in SaaS sales for two and a half years, she previously started her career in the financial services industry. Her passion lies in coaching her SDRs to achieve the results that leads them to become successful sales reps and providing guidance to first time managers. If you’re thinking about a career in sales or sales leadership, please connect with her on LinkedIn. She’s happy to chat!

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