Dominating the Holiday Season

Many in sales fear overcoming the dreaded “Holiday Objection”.  I’ve found, through experience, that these objections can not only be overcome, but the holiday season can actually be used to create the perfect selling scenario for you and your client.  Sales professionals shatter their holiday goals by anticipating the objection, creating exclusivity to enhance urgency, and using creativity to intensify activity!

The best way to overcome the holiday objection is to anticipate it. Be transparent with your prospect, and do what I like to call “Talking about the Pink Elephant in the Room”.  Tell your prospect that most people wait until the next year to buy.  I know this sounds crazy, but it shocks them out of the same robotic sales pitch they have been getting from everyone else, and most of all, it buys you enough time to tell them why they should listen to you now rather than when everybody else does.  This is how to get their attention and the first step in creating a mindset of exclusivity in your prospect!

Sales professionals can enhance urgency by creating a mindset of exclusivity in their prospects.  The first step is communicating to your prospect that most buyers will push their decision until next year, but your most prepared and dominate clients will always be ahead of their competition in every aspect including planning and taking action for the upcoming year.  Everyone wants to have a competitive edge and this plants a seed of exclusivity for people taking action now versus waiting to be like the masses.

You must increase the value perception of acting now.  Every client wants to be a V.I.P.  Buyers want to feel like they are getting more than they are paying for.  Simply put, every client wants to feel exclusive, and they want to win.  We have to harness that by creating exclusivity, and increasing our solutions value perception to the point it feels like the buyer wins upon purchasing our solution.  They win, we win, and everybody walks away loving the holidays!

There is no substitute for increased and tenacious activity during the holiday season!  The previously mentioned strategies are great, but strategies don’t work unless you do.  You must be creative.  Thankfully that is very easy during the holidays.  Outside of purely increasing the number of dials, you can use holiday cards (written and digital), text messages, LinkedIn, and any other platform of communication.  The more platforms you use for communication with a prospect the better off you will be.  Remember, many others are vying for their attention as well, and those who are remembered will end up gaining their trust and ultimately their business.  There are more distractions during the Holidays, and because of this you must create more visibility to compete with those distractions.

Have confidence you know how to anticipate the “Holiday Objection”, create exclusivity to enhance urgency, and use creativity to intensify activity.  Attack your 4th quarter goals with an unshakeable focus, and give more than you get.  Happy selling this Holiday season.

-Bradley Watkins-

Bradley is an Inside Sales Manager at Townsquare Interactive. He’s been in digital sales for nearly two and a half years, he spent the previous three and a half years recruiting and developing sales teams in the fast paced tax resolution industry. His passion lies in coaching his inside sales professionals to achieve the results that leads them to further opportunity and providing guidance to sales leaders and managers. If you’re thinking about a career in sales or sales leadership, please connect with him on LinkedIn. He’s happy to chat!

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