3 Things Every SDR MUST do in 2018

Stop. Stop what you are doing and read this… it just might save your life… and your paycheck.
You’re probably wondering why you don’t get many e-mail responses, why no-one picks up your calls, or why you keep getting “lucky” when your personalized note hits… the SPAM box…
How’d I know?
Well..for most of my career, I’ve seen many new reps try to go as fast as they can in this role, not realizing that help and riches are all around them if they just slowed down to look.  Here are 3 ideas that I used to become a consistent top performer to lead not 1, not 2, but 3 different SDR teams.
Model what works
Sounds obvious, right? You’d be surprised how many SDRs don’t do this, even though they have this free resource right in front of them! Yes… I am talking about top performers! At YOUR company… and they are waiting for you to ask them what they do differently!
There is something different in a top performer.  Even if it might be their mindset, how they approach their day, or when they send certain emails or decide when or how to call. To become a top performer, seriously…copy them!
Surround yourself with positive SDRs
Getting into the gossip of the office is like click bait. It sounds good at first, only to realize you’ve now wasted your most profitable time in the day AND now have no desire to keep going. THAT’S EXPENSIVE!!
Surround yourself with the positive SDRs and AEs on the team to set yourself up to be motivated. Jim Rohn once said you are the sum of the 5 people you spend your time with the most… and I’d consider anyone at work right there in it… whether you want them to be or not!
BTW… Have you also noticed the positive ones are the top performers? Yep… take notice here too…
Be 1% better every day
This notion seems to be circling the “sales ether.”  Success as an SDR is a routine list of consistent activities over a long period of time.Those that give up won’t make the big leagues.

With Youtube, Google, and your imagination, you can literally find how to crush any aspect of your job. Many times you can learn the basics for free!  Write juicy emails, stand out from a sea of competition, and finally master cold calling. It’s all out there if you take it!

 -Taylor Scotto-


Taylor Scotto currently leads the Sales Development team at Everwise. He has been a consistent top performer across multiple industries during his4+ years in sales development. His background includes scaling business development messaging and best practices that bring in revenue at LinkedIn and now building the SDR roadmap at his current startup. His passion lies in supporting SDR’s who have a desire to learn and get to where they want to go.  If you’re thinking about a career in sales development, or currently in sales development and need help, please connect with him on LinkedIn. He’s happy to chat!

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