Effort Doesn’t Equal Success

Effort is defined as, “a serious attempt” or “something produced by exertion of trying”. Future NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker Ray Lewis says “effort is between you and you. Effort ain’t got nothing to do with nobody else.”

So why don’t we get results if we try harder? Many of us transition out of physical activities where this mentality on the surface makes sense. “If I just push 3 seconds longer. Get 1 more rep. Exhaust myself a little bit more. I’ll come out victorious.”

It’s not that easy as we transition to the professional world. We have a new muscle we have to primarily exert: our creative mind.


In the sales world effort is useless without a focus. If you don’t have a purpose and a why behind your attack, your physical effort is rendered useless. So how do you immediately attack your days with a focused effort?

3 Simple Steps:


  • Spend an allotted amount of time at the end of each day creating your plan for tomorrow. Each morning, review that plan so it’s fresh in your mind and make any necessary adjustments.

Segment Your Day:

  • Don’t look at your day as an 8 hour shift you have to finish. Break it up into small, executable timeframes. This gives you a greater sense of urgency in a limited amount of time. Subconsciously you act as if you only have so much time and when compounded throughout the day you’ve stockpiled focused effort hours.


  • Your first plan is never going to work. A plan that works may grow tired and stop working. It’s up to you to find out what’s working and when/if it needs to be changed. Be self-aware and recognize when it needs to happen.

Now, if you’re able to increase your focused effort there is ABSOLUTELY still a place for pure physical exertion of effort. Match this vigilant attack on your day with focused effort and you’ll quickly be the cream that rises to the top and have people wondering what’s in your coffee.

Now, find your way and go make it happen!

– Nick Rico-

Nick Rico has spent the last 8 years in digital advertising sales and the previous 3 in Orthopaedic medical device sales. From relationship based sales growth to fast-paced transactional sales, he has experience creating, executing and building sales teams and organizations quickly. His passion lies within leading people and helping them recognize their full potential in anything they do. If you’re interested in mentorship, sales opportunities or insight on becoming a great leader please connect with him on LinkedIn. He’s always looking to connect and help others grow personally and professionally!


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