Why Expert Recruiting Matters in The Millennial Era

The world of recruiting can be demanding and tedious, but it is also changing on a global scale.

With the war on talent continuously increasing as new generations of younger, more diverse individuals enter the workforce, recruiters need to become experts in their field to appeal to the Millennial era.

While recruiters have multiple facets to their daily jobs, one challenge remains true- demographics is now one of the most important metrics of recruiting in the millennial era. And with Generation Z now infiltrating the workforce, our current talent marketplace is seeing a drastic impact.

In order for recruiters to bring value to the table, they must:

  • create effective communication strategies to gain interest
  • become a trusted advisor, advocate, collaborate and consult with this younger candidate pool
  • network and provide opportunity

Here’s why expert recruiting in the millennial era matters:

Bring Value and Build Trust

Recruiters do more than look at resumes and interview candidates. They build relationships, explore opportunities and build brand loyalty.  With the younger demographic saturating the technology industry, building trust and offering value is what helps a recruiter become a true expert to these highly resourceful digital natives.

According to HR Professional Magazine’s blog, ‘Recruiting a Multigenerational Workforce’,  Strong recruiting strategies will strike a balance between similarities and differences to highlight an employer brand that focuses on a harmonious and productive working environment.”

The role of a recruiter can offer different values among age demographics. Building trust can be a key component of your strategy when working with millennials.

Shannon Woodward, our very own Senior Sales Recruiter at Elite Technology Sales Recruiters, is an experienced recruiter who knows the value of being an expert in the millennial era.

When asked why demographics are important metrics, she explained from the recruiter’s point of view.  

It depends on what segment of a demographic you’re talking about. Regionality and age are huge when it comes to recruiting, especially in sales”, Shannon explains.

“Age demographic of a candidate pool is directly effecting the perception of recruiters and the value they bring to the table for candidates.

While fresh graduates continue to enter the sales force, the following is what they are looking for:

  • upward mobility
  • quick career development
  • building relationships
  • Expert guidance

Stay Ahead of the Game

It’s no surprise that mobile has taken the recruiting world by storm. With younger generations entering the workforce, interactions with recruiters and candidates have significantly changed over the years.

Take a look at a few statistics from The Under Cover Recruiter:

  • 45% of job seekers searching for jobs daily on their mobile device
  • 39% recruiting companies are optimizing their websites for mobile
  • 84% of companies were recruiting via social media

According to the HR Professional Magazine, “Millennials, despite having a reputation for being self-centered, are actually more likely than other generations to care about company ethics and volunteer policies when making a decision”.

Millennials may be flexible for change in the workforce, but recruiters are here to help assess their worth. How much experience do they have? How well do they adapt to challenges? These questions help shape the relationship between a recruiter and a candidate and are part of the sourcing process.

Staying ahead of the game will help prepare recruiters for what comes next- a new generation in the workforce.

Make A Difference & Build Relationships

Some may argue that many young potential candidates only care about immediate gratification; such as job salary and benefits. However, an expert recruiter can help determine a candidate’s worth for a position and help their long-term career goals rather than short-term goals.   

Recruiter’s bring more than just job opportunities. In fact, At Elite Technology Sales Recruiters, our recruiters offer:

  • industry-relevant insights
  • networking advancements
  • a path to success
  • career guidance

“I think that a bit of hand holding is sometimes necessary”, Shannon Woodward states. “Reassuring candidates of a hiring process and letting them know that we are on their side and our client’s side is so important”.

With the rise of technology and constant job retention, becoming an expert recruiter during the millennial era is now more crucial than ever.

   -Sarah Miller-

Sarah heads up the marketing department for ETS Recruiters, a firm that has a concentration on placing SDRs in great positions.


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